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Behind the Counter with Kirstin.
Behind the Counter with Kirstin.
Healthy Foods.
Healthy Facts.

Kirstin's Behind the Counter...

Kirstin Stephenson is a Licenced Acupuncturist and Herbalist with a passion for cooking healthy and healing foods. Her main objective in life is to be healthy, laugh and have a good time.

When you combine all these things together you get a truly original and highly educational show.

Behind the Counter with Kirstin is an in-depth (yet light-hearted) web series that wonderfully illustrates how to prepare all types of super nutritious concoctions. In each show, Kirstin carefully examines the amazing benefits of the natural herbs and whole foods used in her exciting recipes.

Enjoy the show!

Healthy Recipes

Healthy foods. Healthy facts. Antioxidant-packed!

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