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Ulcers can occur anywhere along the food pathway, from the mouth to the stomach to the intestines. Ulcers can also occur in the vagina. The most common places for ulcers to occur are the stomach and duodenum (first part of the small intestines). Ulcers are characterized by burning pain. In the stomach, pain is usually worse on an empty stomach. If the ulcer is further down, there will be pain after meals. There may also be nausea. If the stools are black (digested blood), the ulcer is in the stomach or higher. If stools are red, the ulcer is lower than the stomach. If the red blood is mixed in the stool, the ulcer is in the small intestines. If red blood is on the stool, then the ulcer is in the lower intestines or a result of a hemorrhoid.

Avoid: spicy foods, hot foods, stimulants, shellfish, coffee, smoking, alcohol, fried foods, and stress

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