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According to Chinese Medicine, cancer is an abnormal growth of tissue that results from stagnation of Chi , blood, mucus or body fluids. The stagnation can be caused by an external irritant such as cigarette smoke or chemical-laden foods, or by strong emotions. When the body is irritated over a long period of time, it reacts to the irritant by producing cells to protect itself. However, at certain point the cell growth becomes abnormal and uncontrollable and cancer cells result. Strong emotions lead to Chi stagnation which in turn can lead to stagnation of blood, mucus or body fluids.

The Western approach to cancer is to kill the cancer cells with harsh chemicals, radiation, or surgery. However, these methods also harm healthy cells. The Chinese approach to cancer is to support the body so that it can combat the cancer cells by itself. Because cancer is considered to be a toxin in the body, a detoxifying diet is also utilized.

Avoid: meat (if patient cannot tolerate a vegetarian diet, a little fish can be eaten), chicken, coffee, cinnamon, anise, pepper, dairy products, spicy foods (except garlic), high-fat foods, cooked oils, chemical additives, moldy foods, smoking, constipation, stress, and all irritations.

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