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We are proud to have created a site like to provide you with such an interactive database of information and resources. We know that it can be an overwhelming task to take charge of your own health, and so we have created this hub as a great place start. However, the information presented in this website should only be used as a guideline. Your particular situation may require deeper analysis from a well trained practitioner. Years of school and practice have given Kirstin a broad perspective and extensive toolbox to deal with a wide array of conditions and ailments. If you would like professional, one-on-one help constructing a personalized health regimen, you can schedule a one on one consultation (either by phone or in person) with Kirstin.

Most Consultations will provide feedback on:

  • Chinese Herbs
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Medicinal Foods
  • Lifestyle Practices

Note: Please review our programs page and services page to learn more about different customizeable treatment options.

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