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Detox, Cleanse and Weight Loss Programs

Since the beginning of my practice I have treated many conditions and one thing I found in almost all people (with the exception of some of the acute pain cases) was that there was always some form of underlying digestive issue. Even if people were having regular bowel movements, there was still patterns of bloating, gas, or fatigue after meals. These imbalances were present in most people, even those that were eating mostly healthy meals.

The pattern was too much to ignore so I started addressing digestive issues in most of my patients. A clear shift took place, and patients were reporting back to me with not only improvement in their symptoms, but were also informing me of noticeable amounts of weight loss. In most of these cases I had asked the patient to tweak their diet just a little eliminating dairy, soda, or adding more cooked foods like soups. People were so elated with the changes and doing so well with relatively minor adjustments, I decided to explore the issue of diet, digestion, detoxing and weight loss in depth.

The main cleanse program offered through Kirstin's Counter was largely shaped by my research into two existing and highly influential programs: The first is the Aimin Program, a fat reduction hospital in china using traditional Chinese medicine to help reset the bodies digestive, metabolic, and endocrine systems. I initially started a series of studies using a variation of the Aimin protocol designed to regulate the endocrine system, increase the metabolic rate, decrease appetite, increase the body's elimination of toxins and waste materials. The purpose was to improve the bodies overall digestive health, enabling it to more efficiently and effectively absorb necessary vitamins and minerals as well as eliminate overly stored amounts of energy in form of fat.. Ultimately this lead to sharpened mental focus, and stabilization of mood.

The work being done by Dr. Daniel G. Amen is the second factor that helped shape my program. Using state-of-the-art brain imaging technology, Dr. Amen has spent the last decade proving the direct relationship between brain health and body health. He explains which brain systems are associated with particular bodily problems, gives detailed checklists to help you pinpoint your problems, and offers specific yet simple "brain prescriptions" (cognitive exercises, dietary guidelines, nutritional supplements, breathing techniques, medication, and more). As you learn to love and care for your brain, you will develop techniques to increase focus, quell anxiety and panic, fight depression, curb anger, conquer impulsiveness, and stop obsessive worrying.

The Kirstin's Counter Detox, Cleanse & Weightloss Programs are multidisciplinary treatment programs that are specifically designed to detoxify the body and help clients lose excess weight. They address an individual’s physical, metabolic, energetic and mental imbalances to meet these goals. Before being treated, each participant will be privately interviewed and screened. Based on the details you provide, a unique combination of the following therapies will be chosen and tailored to suite your needs:

  • Acupuncture if you live in the area.
  • Chinese Herbs for Detox
  • Chinese Herbs for Weight Loss
  • Dietary Guidelines to help you take greater advantage of the Kirstin's Counter website.
  • Life Coaching: One-on-one life coaching is offered to each client in order to address psychological and emotional factors that may be silently enabling an imbalanced and toxic lifestyle. Every physical issue bears an emotional counterpart. While you begin the process of eliminating toxic foods and replacing them with healthier choices, it is essential that you do the same with your emotional issues. We will be spending time during each session to address things either present or past that you are dealing with or have failed to deal with. In addition, you will be given weakly exercises to help assist you to go deeper within yourself and work through some of your emotional blocks. Ultimately this is a task that for some will take years. So please realize that although you will be given help to begin this process, it will be your responsibility to continue it after the program has ended.

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To learn about our Weight Loss Program, click here.

To learn more about Detoxing, Cleansing and Weight Loss, click here.

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