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Chinese Herbs & Home Remedies for Headaches


Do you suffer from headaches? Try one of these refreshing headache remedies or a slightly obscure home remedy to combat your headache. Need something stronger... try these Chinese Herbs for headaches. Or just listen and watch as Kirstin Stephenson L.A.c. from walks you through alternative cures for headaches.

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Headache Quenching Delight

Headache Quenching Delight

Key ingredients:
Ginger Mint Coconut


8 oz of fresh coconut water 1 oz of ginger, 2 tbs. of freshly chopped mint.

  • Arugula
  • Beets
  • Carrots


Step 1: pour 8 oz of fresh coconut juice in a glass Step 2: in a garlique press, put 1 oz of ginger squeeze the ginger and the juice into the glass Step 3: put finely chopped mint in mixture and stir. Serve and be healthy!

Key Ingredients


Ginger Thermal Nature = Warm Flavor =Pungent Promotes sweating Detoxifies the body Antidote for seafood poisoning Benefits the Lung and Stomach Expels pathogen Conditions Ginger can Help Relieve: Common ... Learn More »


Mint (Bo He) Thermal Nature = Cool Flavor = Arid, aromatic Disperses wind-heat clears & benefits the head & eyes Vents rashes Moves the flow of Liver Calms digestive problems Conditions Mint (Bo He) can Help ... Learn More »


Coconut Thermal Nature = Warm Flavor = Sweet Strengthens the body (overall) Quiets Internal wind Tonifies & activates the Heart Reduces swelling Stops bleeding Kills worms Conditions Coconuts can Help ... Learn More »

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