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Lymph Boosting Super  Foods

Lymph Boosting Super Foods

Key ingredients:
Ginger Cinnamon Celery Dandelion Greens Seaweeds


4 celery stalks
dandelion root
4 carrots
1 inch ginger
1 heaping tsp of kelp
1 small pear, apple, or hand full of grapes

  • Arugula
  • Beets
  • Carrots


Step 1: set juicer to low, juice: dandelion
Step 2: set juicer to high, juice: celery, carrots, ginger, pear
Step 3: stir in heaping tsp. of kelp. Serve and be healthy!

Key Ingredients


Ginger Thermal Nature = Warm Flavor =Pungent Promotes sweating Detoxifies the body Antidote for seafood poisoning Benefits the Lung and Stomach Expels pathogen Conditions Ginger can Help Relieve: Common ... Learn More »


Cinnamon also known as the chinese herb Rou Gui is considered hot in temperature and has a acrid sweet flavor. It benefits the heart, kidney, liver, spleen. Rou Gui medicinal key characteristics are: warms and ... Learn More »


Celery Thermal Nature = Cool Flavor = Sweet Tonifies Kidneys Stops bleeding Strengthens Spleen & Stomach Calms an aggravated liver Clears heat Lowers blood pressure Promotes diuresis & clears excess ... Learn More »

Dandelion Greens
Dandelion Greens

Dandelion Greens Thermal Nature = Cool Flavor = Bitter & slightly sweet Clears heat Detoxifies Anti-tumor Benefits Liver function Promotes flow of bile Diuretic Conditions Dandelion Greens can Help ... Learn More »


Seaweed Thermal Nature = Cold Flavor =Salty Softens nodules Clears heat Detoxifies the body Benefits the Thyroid Protects from radioactivity Benefits the Lymphatic system Promotes diuresis Provides many ... Learn More »

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