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Warm Grapefruit & Ginger Morning Starter

Warm Grapefruit & Ginger Morning Starter

Good for:
Breakfast Brunch Drink Treat

Key ingredients:
Ginger Grapefruit


1 organic grapefruit
4 oz boiling water
1 inch fresh ginger

  • Arugula
  • Beets
  • Carrots


In a juicer turn the setting on high and put your ginger in, switch your juicer to low and add your grapefruit. Whisk in your 4 oz of boiling water garnish with grapefruit peel if you wish to be fancy... and enjoy.

Key Ingredients


Ginger Thermal Nature = Warm Flavor =Pungent Promotes sweating Detoxifies the body Antidote for seafood poisoning Benefits the Lung and Stomach Expels pathogen Conditions Ginger can Help Relieve: Common ... Learn More »


Grapefruit Thermal Nature = Cold Flavor = Sweet, & Sour Strengthens Stomach Aids digestion Promotes Circulation of blood and oxygen Detoxifies alcohol intoxication Conditions Grapefruit can Help ... Learn More »

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