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Goji & Longan Dessert Truffles


Join Kirstin Stephenson, licenced acupuncturist and herbalist, as she welcomes the Year of The Dragon with these quick and delicious healthy Goji & Longan treats. Jam packed with nutrition, but so yummy you wont be able to stop eating it. Find out some interesting healing benefits of these two Chinese herbs as well as just why walnuts and pine nuts are truly super foods!

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Goji & Longan Dessert Balls

Goji & Longan Dessert Balls

Good for:
Brunch Lunch Appetizer Dessert Snack Side Dish Treat

Key ingredients:
Cacao Pine Nut Walnuts Longan Fruit Goji Berries


1 cup Guo Qi Zi (Goji berries)
1 cup Long yan rou (Longan berries)
2 cups Walnuts
1 cup Pine nuts
6 oz High Quality Organic Dark Chocolate

note: you will need a food processor for this recipe

  • Arugula
  • Beets
  • Carrots


Step 1: in food processor pulse walnuts for about 30 seconds untill they are roughly chopped
Step 2: add the pine nuts pulsing untill both are finely chopped
Step 3: sprinkling in goji and longan berries continuing to blend until mixture holds together
Step 4: using a spoon or a melon baller make equal sized balls rolling them into round, uniform balls, place on baking sheet
Step 5: in a double broiler melt chocolate
Step 6: drizzle melted chocolate on uniform balls

Note (if your dried longan berries are a little too hard you can quickly dunk them in boiling water for just a second to soften them up making them easier to blend)

Key Ingredients


Raw cacao beans have the highest amount of antioxidants as almost any food on the planet. One cup of crio bru has 150 times the antioxidants as one cup of pure pomegranate juice. Which makes it great for brain ... Learn More »

Pine Nut
Pine Nut

Pine Nuts Thermal Nature = Warm Flavor =Sweet Lubricates the Lungs Relieves cough Lubricates the Intestines Calms the Liver Promotes production of body fluids Conditions Almonds can Help Relieve Dry ... Learn More »


Warming thermal nature; sweet flavor; walnuts can reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. This effect may be due to their omega-3 oils content (5% of its total oils). They also moisten the lungs and ... Learn More »

Longan Fruit
Longan Fruit

Long Yan Rou or dried logan fruit this herb is super tasty its sweet and possess a smoky flavor. In Chinese medicine is Used to help nourishes the Blood, and calm the nerves, also to treat insomnia, ... Learn More »

Goji Berries
Goji Berries

Goji Berry Thermal Nature = Neutral Flavor = Sweet, & Sour Nourishes the blood and yin Strengthens the Lungs Benefits the Liver, & Kidneys Improves vision Stops cough Conditions Goji Berries can Help ... Learn More »

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