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weight loss elixir


Join Kirstin Stephenson, licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, as she takes you another step closer to optimal health! This episode features the Weight Loss Elixir, a very unique and effective blend of ingredients that relies on both Eastern and Western science. Kirstin's Weight Loss Elixir is designed for anybody who wants to curb hunger, boost metabolism or regulate blood sugar levels. This drink is also ideal for anyone who is diabetic or pre-diabetic.

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Weight Loss Elixir

Weight Loss Elixir

Good for:
Breakfast Brunch Lunch Snack Side Dish Drink

Key ingredients:
Bitter Melon Cinnamon Cayenne Pepper Watercress Apples Cucumber


1 medium bitter melon
1 small cucumber
1-2 cups watercress
1 medium apple
1/4 tsp. (or to taste) cayenne pepper
1/4 tsp. (or to taste) cinnamon

Note: for this recipe you will need a blenderor food processor

  • Arugula
  • Beets
  • Carrots


Step 1: place bitter melon, cucumber, apple, and watercress in blender, pulse on high till blended
Step 2: stir in cinnamon, and cayenne (adjust amount acording to taste)

Key Ingredients

Bitter Melon
Bitter Melon

Main Actions kills bacteria, kills viruses , kills cancer cells, kills leukemia cells, prevents tumors, treats diabetes, reduces blood sugar, reduces blood pressure, lowers body temperature Other Actions ... Learn More »


Cinnamon also known as the chinese herb Rou Gui is considered hot in temperature and has a acrid sweet flavor. It benefits the heart, kidney, liver, spleen. Rou Gui medicinal key characteristics are: warms and ... Learn More »

Cayenne Pepper
Cayenne Pepper

cayenne is good for exterior conditions such as the common cold, because cayenne has antiviral, antibiotic, and diaphoretic (sweating) properties most beneficial at the onset of a cold. To aid the body with ... Learn More »


Watercress Thermal Nature = Cool Flavor =Bitter Clears heat Influences the Lungs, Bladder, & Kidneys Increases energy Purifies & builds the blood Removes stagnant blood Helps night vision Lubricates the ... Learn More »


Apple Thermal Nature = Cooling Flavor = Sweet & Sour reduces heat (especially summer heat) produces fluids for the body moisten dryness and cool heat in the lungs protects the lungs from cigarette smoking ... Learn More »


Cucumber Thermal Nature = Very Cool Flavor = Sweet, & Bland (Peels are Bitter) Clears heat Influences the heart, spleen-pancreas, stomach, & large intestine Detoxifies the body Relieves irritability and ... Learn More »

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