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Move over menopause martini


Join Kirstin Stephenson, licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, as she takes you another step closer to optimal health! This episode features the Move Over Menopause Martini. This sweet and creamy super drink is packed with natural phytoestrogens, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and many other nutrients. Help prevent hot flashes, balance your hormones, and your PH levels the natural way!

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Move Over Menopause Martini

Move Over Menopause Martini

Good for:
Breakfast Lunch Snack Side Dish Drink

Key ingredients:
Yams Carrots Beets Fennel


Carrots 3-4 carrots (6 oz)
Beets 1 beet (3.5-4 oz)
Yams 1/2 Yam (6 oz)
Fresh Fennel 3-4 Stalks (4 oz)


  • Arugula
  • Beets
  • Carrots


Step 1: set juicer to low, juice fennel
Step 2: turn the juicer to high, juice carrot, beets, and yam

*Note: this is one of my all time favorite recipes and you do not have to be in peri-menopause to drink it.

Key Ingredients


Yam Thermal Nature = Neutral Flavor =Sweet Strengthens the Spleen, Stomach & pancreas functions Tonifies energy Builds the yin (fluids) capabilities of Kidneys Clears heat Detoxifies Increases the production ... Learn More »


Eliminates putrefactive bacteria in the intestines that cause poor assimilation; used for diarrhea and chronic dysentery; contains an essential oil that destroys pinworms and roundworms. Carrots are ... Learn More »


Beet Thermal Nature = Neutral Flavor = Sweet Purifies & tonifies the blood Strengthens the heart Sedates the spirit & eases anxiety & nervousness Improves circulation Aids the Liver in detoxification & ... Learn More »


Fennel Thermal Nature = Warm Flavor =Pungent Unblocks & regulates Qi Strengthens the Stomach Dispels cold Stops pain Stimulates peristalsis Conditions Fennel can Help Relieve: Stomachache Hernia Abdominal ... Learn More »

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