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Organic Chicken Wrap

Organic Chicken Wrap

Good for:
Brunch Lunch Dinner Entree Snack Sandwich

Key ingredients:
Peas Tomato Black Pepper Chicken


3 oz organic free range grilled chicken
1/2 sprouted grain pita pocket
2 tbs. hummus dressing (I used Trader Joes, can substitute with any kind of hummus)
1/2 cup tomatos
1/2 cup pea shoots
fresh ground pepper

  • Arugula
  • Beets
  • Carrots


Step 1: open the sprouted pita with a fork,
Step 2: drizzle the hummus dressing evenly
Step 3: slice the grilled chicken into 1/2 inch slices and place in the pita
Step 4: add the tomato, and pea shoots
Step 5: top with fresh ground pepper and... enjoy!

* Note: If vegitarian can replace chicken with black beans or lentals

Key Ingredients


Peas Thermal Nature = Neutral Flavor = Sweet Tonify the spleen-pancreas and stomach Strengthens digestion Reduces the effect of an overworked, excessive liver Reduce countercurrent qi (for example, ... Learn More »


Tomato Builds body fluids (yin fluids) Tonifies the Stomach Cleanses & calms the Liver Purifies & cools the blood Detoxifies the body Strengthens digestion Relieves food stagnation Conditions Tomato can Help ... Learn More »

Black Pepper
Black Pepper

Black Pepper Thermal Nature = Hot Flavor = Pungent Warms digestion Dispels internal cold Antidote to food poisoning Conditions Black Pepper can Help Relieve: Stomachache due to cold Diarrhea Food poisening ... Learn More »


Chicken Thermal Nature = Warm Flavor = Sweet Tonifies energy (QI) Nourishes the blood & yin (body fluids) Tonifies congenital strength (jing) Improves bone marrow Increases lactation Benefits the Spleen ... Learn More »

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