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So Long Cellulite Sangria


So Long Cellulite sangria is not an alcoholic beverage. It is a delicious drink jam packed with antioxidants and many other heath properties! Combing 3 of the most detoxifying food;s apples, beets, and celery, this drink will help rid you body of harmful toxins that accumulate from drinking, eating unhealthful foods, prescription medications, and exposure to other chemicals. Please enjoy and tune in next time to Behind the Counter With Kirstin, as Kirstin Stephenson licensed acupuncturist, and herbalist takes you another step closer to optimal health!

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So Long Cellulite Sangria

So Long Cellulite Sangria

Good for:
Breakfast Lunch Appetizer Snack Drink

Key ingredients:
Apples Beets Celery


3 stalks of celery
1 medium beet
1 large or 2 small apples

  • Arugula
  • Beets
  • Carrots


Step 1: set juicer on a low, juice; apple, beets, and celery.
Step 2: Whisk together if needed, and garnish.

*For best results drink this juice every day and follow a dry skin brushing regimen.

Key Ingredients


Apple Thermal Nature = Cooling Flavor = Sweet & Sour reduces heat (especially summer heat) produces fluids for the body moisten dryness and cool heat in the lungs protects the lungs from cigarette smoking ... Learn More »


Beet Thermal Nature = Neutral Flavor = Sweet Purifies & tonifies the blood Strengthens the heart Sedates the spirit & eases anxiety & nervousness Improves circulation Aids the Liver in detoxification & ... Learn More »


Celery Thermal Nature = Cool Flavor = Sweet Tonifies Kidneys Stops bleeding Strengthens Spleen & Stomach Calms an aggravated liver Clears heat Lowers blood pressure Promotes diuresis & clears excess ... Learn More »

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