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Wellness Programs


Detox & Cleanse Program

The BTC Detox & Cleanse Program is a multidisciplinary treatment program that is specifically designed to detoxify the body on multiple levels, as a way to cure various underlying problems. It addresses an individual’s physical, metabolic, energetic and mental imbalances to meet these goals, looking for patterns of stagnation, deficiency, excess, misalignment and disease.


Weight Loss Program

Weight loss is a difficult area for many people. The addition of digestive and metabolic issues as well as emotional problems can make losing and keeping weight off an even more daunting task. We will work together to overcome any physical digestive and metabolic issues using Chinese herbs and Chinese medicinal nutritional therapy. This is not a one-size-fits-all program. Your success will depend on adopting a highly personalized set of strategies and practices, and we will work together to modify these strategies as your progress unfolds. We will also work together to identify and move through any emotional pitfalls that you will likely encounter during this type of treatment-process.

Life Coaching will be provided We will also work together to identify and move through any emotional pitfalls.


Managing Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness presents an enormous challenge for most individuals to effectively treat. It is a sign that deeper problems and patterns have gone untreated for too long, and at some level, disease has set in. Sometimes, a chronic illness is irreversible and as a result tends to chip away at the spirit of even the strongest of individuals. Chinese Medicine and Chinese Medical Nutrition can often provide substantial relief from many chronic illnesses. Through Chinese medicinal Nutrition we can target the foods that your body will assimilate the most efficiently, allowing the maximum nutritional breakdown and absorption (a key problem in most chronic illnesses). This program may also include elements of our detox program (depending on the illness)


Advanced Nutritional Navigation

At Kirstin's Counter, we want to influence individuals to look at their diet in an affirmative and practical way. There is no such thing as the perfect diet or the single miracle food. Rather than sticking with common diet based solutions which often focus on what to avoid, our goal is for you to discover all the amazing medicinal foods you can be adding to your diet.

The Advanced Nutritional Navigation Program is designed to help you master your own unique dietary needs. The program begins with comprehensive diagnostic work to figure out your particular (TCM) patterns. Once we have made a diagnosis, we will work together to come up with the best foods and diet for your constitution and lifestyle. You will be provided with recipes and a menu plan that utilize the foods that support your optimal health.


Just for Women: Fertility, Pregnancy, Post-Natal & Hormone Balancing Programs

One of Kirstin’s specialties is in women's health and fertility treatments. Kirstin is committed to offering her female patients the safest and most effective Chinese Medical treatments, (including acupuncture & herbal therapy), in order to balance their body and improve their chances for a successful pregnancy. As a patient, you will receive the special care that you deserve and a commitment to helping you attain physical and mental well-being in a caring, nurturing and supportive environment. Kirstin will also work in cooperation with your other health providers to provide you with the best possible results.

Most gynecologists have a knee-jerk reaction: if it's menopause, it's time for Premarin. While this may be right for some women, some of the time, it is not right for all women all of the time. While most women want to take their doctor’s advice, some seek to be educated about alternative points of view. Hormone supplementation may be useful and warranted, however conventional pharmaceuticals (like Premarin, Provera, Estraderm, Estrace) are not always the best choice. When combined, acupuncture, herbal formulas, and natural hormone creams can be of enormous benefit.
PMS,skin breakouts, menstrual problems, and menopausal symptoms are signs of imbalance, not normal female functioning. The body was not intended to exist in a state of disharmony and pain. Correcting hormonal imbalances is one area where Chinese Medicine truly shines. This is also an area of particular interest to Kirstin, as she has struggled with many of these issues herself, since puberty. Her commitment to these issues have paid off. Today, Kirstin successfully treats many types of hormonal imbalances...starting with her own.


Superior Wellness

This is a maintenance program to help to keep you motivated, inspired and on track after you have completed one or more of our intensive programs. At this point, you already have the tools, knowledge and experience to address key health concerns, addressing your specific constitution and lifestyle, but may be having trouble sustaining these important health practices. Sometimes we all just need a little extra motivation and connection to keep us on track.

All Programs Include:
  1. Initial Consultation
    Before being treated, each participant will be privately interviewed and screened. After carefully discussing your health goals and concerns, we will performing a thorough TCM diagnosis. We will also review and analyze any recent lab work, medications, dietary practices, supplements and other lifestyle factors that may be influencing your current state of health. Additional tests may be recommended depending on your particular health issues. Based on your complete diagnosis, a unique combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, diet and life coaching will be chosen and tailored to suite your needs.
  2. Testing
    Some patients will require additional testing to rule out more serious conditions that may be impacting your health. If this is the case, you may need one of the following medical tests performed by an outside lab before continuing with the program.
    • hormone testing
    • food sensitivities and allergy testing
    • blood work
  3. Customized Plan
    Each client will receive a custom tailored program utilizing the following treatment modalities:
    • Acupuncture
    • Chinese herbs
    • Diet
      • Customized dietary guidelines including a complete list of foods to remove from your diet, and a list of foods to add to your diet in order to meet the specific plan related health goals.
      • Weekly and seasonal menu plan
    • Life Coaching
      • One-on-one counseling is offered to each client in order to address psychological and emotional factors that may be silently enabling an imbalanced and toxic lifestyle. Every physical issue bears an emotional counterpart. While you begin the process of eliminating toxic foods and replacing them with healthier choices, it is essential that you do the same with your emotional issues. We will be spending time during each session to address things either present or past that you are dealing with or have failed to deal with. In addition, you will be given weakly exercises to help assist you to go deeper within yourself and work through some of your emotional blocks. Ultimately this is a task that for some will take years. So please realize that although you will be given help to begin this process, it will be your responsibility to continue it after the program has ended.
  4. My Personal Plan Website package
  5. Follow Up
    • 6 follow up weeks of direct phone or email support

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