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Medicinal Foods



Recommended for the following patterns:
Liver Heat

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Eastern Health Description

Thermal Nature = Very Cool
Flavor = Sweet, & Bland (Peels are Bitter)

Clears heat
Influences the heart, spleen-pancreas, stomach, & large intestine
Detoxifies the body
Relieves irritability and lifts depression
Cleanses the blood
Quenches thirst
Moistens the lungs
Purifies the skin

Conditions Cauliflower can Help Relieve
Edema in the extremities
Sore throat
Kidney and Bladder infections (drink the juice)
Acne and other hot skin disorders

Cucumber contains erepsis, a digestive enzyme that breaks down protein and
cleanses the intestines. This properly also enables cucumber to destroy worms,
especially tapeworms

*Calltion: Cucumber is not recommended for those with watery mucus or diarrhea.

Western Health Description

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