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Medicinal Foods



Recommended for the following patterns:
Dampness in the Spleen Conditions - Damp Heat

Eastern Health Description

Thermal Nature = Cooling
Flavor = Sweet & Salty

stops vomiting
relieves diarrhea
soothes morning sickness
diuretic/promotes urination
strengthens the kidneys
beneficial to stomach and spleen-pancreas
builds the yin fluids
moistens dryness
alkalizing balances over-acid conditions
sweetens breath by retarding bacterial growth in mouth
high amino acid (protein) profile and rich silicon content
helps prevent miscarriage
anti-fungal- one of the best grains for those with Candida albicans overgrowth.

Caution: Millet is not recommended for those with signs of very weak digestive
functions such as consistently watery stools.

Western Health Description

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