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Recommended for the following patterns:
Spleen Yang Deficiency Lung Qi Deficiency Kidney Yang Deficiency

Eastern Health Description

Thermal Nature = Warm
Flavor = Sweet

Tonifies energy (QI)
Nourishes the blood & yin (body fluids)
Tonifies congenital strength (jing)
Improves bone marrow
Increases lactation
Benefits the Spleen Stomach

Conditions Turkey can Help Relieve:
Postpartum weakness
Weakness in the elderly or after illness
Excessive urination
Vaginal hemorrhage, discharge

*Caution contraindicated in disease that involves heat or excess conditions. Only eat organic free range Turkey! Turkey that is force fed and injected with steroids or antibiotics. This can cause a wide range of diseases including: infertility, early menstruation, male sterility.

Western Health Description

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