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Acute Back Pain Relief – Top 3 Chinese Herbs

Posted on: December 10th, 2018 by kirstin No Comments

Chinese Herbs for acute back pain

Acute back pain can be a result of sports or traumatic injuries, strenuous exercise, repetitive movements, or accidents. Chronic weakness and conditions can be aggravated by as a result of any of the above.

In TCM Chinese Medicine this health concern is a result of – acute stagnation of blood and qi leading to inflammation, stagnation, pain, and spasming of the muscles. Recommended formula

Chinese Herbs can speed the recovery process for acute back pain.

When looking for a modern day formula to regulate qi and blood circulation, remove qi and blood stagnation, and relieve pain look that contains one or more of the following herbs:

Bai Shao – which Helps to nourish and relax the muscles,
Mo Yao – which Promotes healing by invigorating blood circulation and relieving pain
Du Zong – which Tonifies the Kidneys and helps to guides the action of the other herbs to the lumbar area


Try Eating more of the following foods to nourish the jing

Aduki BeansBlack BeansBlack Jujube DateBlack Sesame SeedsBlack Wood Ear MushroomBurdock RootCherriesChestnuts

Coconut OilCordycepsLotus SeedsOrangeParsnipsPineappleString BeansWalnuts

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