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Chinese Herbs

Heart Health

The average heart beats about 72 times a minute and pumps about 13,640 litres (3,600 gallons) of blood a day, which is an almost unbelievable amount. During exercise, the pumping action automatically increases significantly, in response to the tissues demand for increased oxygen. A strong healthy heart is important to everyone, regardless of age or sex. Heart disease is one of the biggest killers and every year billions are spent on the treatment and prevention of heart disease. Anyone suspecting or feeling heart problems must see a qualified physician immediately, as well as undertaking a change to a more healthy lifestyle. As with all illness prevention is better than cure. Following a healthy lifestyle will lessen any chance of heart disease. Exercise, keeping weight in a healthy range, not smoking and effective stress management are good preventive therapies. If you are taking drugs for heart problems, seek professional advice before taking any herbal medicine.