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Chinese Medicine

It is within each patient’s power to choose health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) started over 2,000 years ago, and represents one of the earliest scientific medical cultures in the world. TCM is based on a much different approach to health & healing than “western medicine”, and is worth some careful study.

Most people think that what sets Chinese Medicine apart is its ability to correct the root of a problem, not just deal with acute symptoms. Although true, this is missing the bigger picture. What’s really unique about Chinese Medicine is its ability to recognize holistic patterns and understand dynamic balance throughout the body. In Chinese medicine the body is seen as an organic entity in which all the organs, tissues, and systems have distinct functions but are all interdependent. In this view, health relates to balance of the functions, whereas diseases develops from a continued state of imbalance. Because balance is the focus of all TCM treatments, this allows a practitioner to help anyone at anytime to become healthier. To the contrary, Western medicine far too often relies on the presence of disease or chronic imbalance, before being administerable. So as you can see, this makes Traditional Chinese Medicine a true preventative form of healthcare.


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