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Upon visiting this site, you will quickly discover what makes Kirstin’s Counter so unique. With a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine,Kirstin Stephenson employs the extensive use of Chinese Herbs and other medicinal foods as a core component to each of her recipes. Very few other sites can combine food, nutrition and herbal medicine (not to mention family and fun) into one holistic and entertaining vision.

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To make this vision complete, your free Kirstin's Counter membership will allow you to easily purchase any of the high quality Chinese Herbs and supplements that are featured throughout the site. Although each recipe is designed to serve as “medicinal food therapy” on its own, the herbal formulas will provide a more profound and complete medicinal effect. You can read more about purchasing herbs here.

Behind the Counter with Data!

This website boasts a robust and comprehensive database of carefully indexed content pertaining to programs, recipes, videos, individual foods, nutritional supplements and of course, Chinese Herbs. Kirstin's Counter is expertly built on the foundation of an expansive and diverse knowledge base.

The most valuable aspects of both Eastern and Western sciences are brought together in an exploratory, open-minded and scientific way. Not only will you discover amazing new content on this site as you commit to personal health and wholeness, but you will also find a rich, highly contextualized environment to put all this information into perspective. Make sure to browse the full list of categories within our database, and you’ll be amazed at the knowledge you discover!

If you don’t find what you're looking for

As we strive to bring better health to each and every member of this growing online community, we will continually update our database with more and more healthy foods and healthy facts. If you’re searching for something specific in our database, and don’t find it, please let us know! We will make sure to add your suggestion to our site in the near future. Please tell us how to make our site better:

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