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Welcome! I am Kirstin.

Posted on: October 1st, 2012 by kirstin No Comments
My Goal is to help you feel better than you have ever felt by giving you the tools and information to take charge of your health and your life!
What brought me here…

I spent most of my 20’s as a computer programer at an exciting company in San Diego. As much as I loved my job, my body did not love the 12 hour days behind a computer. Eventually, I began listening to my body, and decided to switch careers. Always being interested in alternative health, I enrolled in a 4 year master’s program for Oriental Medicine.

As an acupuncturist and herbalist I focused my practice on women’s issues, digestive health, diabetes, and obesity. Once I realized that diet and nutrition were at the root of many of these conditions, I began conducting detox & cleanse programs focusing on diet, acupuncture, and herbs. These programs were generally well received, but my patients all had a common complaint – not knowing what to make with the list of ingredients included in each program. This is when I started creating quick YouTube videos highlighting simple recipes. After a while, the process grew, and so did my love of communicating nutrition and medicine through this completely engaging medium.

With the creation of, I have taken the process even further. With this website I can offer my patients (and now my wonderful BTC viewers!) a comprehensive list of effective recipes and foods for all types of common health conditions and dietary needs. And by adding the wonderful benefits of Chinese Herbs, a deep foundation for creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle is just behind the counter!!!

My early years

I grew up in San Diego California, the daughter of a school teacher and a commercial tuna fisherman. My father, who is the real life version of “the most interesting man alive” would be gone to sea for months at a time fishing for Starkist, Bumblebee and other big canneries. My mother, who would often substitute teach at our school, was always a source of encouragement to me.

My mom always taught me that there are many pathways to success and mine was certainly meant to be a unique one. She would often say, ”Kirstin, you just do things in your own way, and just because you do it differently does not make it wrong…it actually makes you better.” Well…I am not sure if she knew how much that statement would impact me throughout my life, but I have let it be my motto in everything I have done, and as a result I have never let life’s challenges get me down for too long.

Even though my dad was gone for long periods of time, often missing the holidays, he always took summers off to be with us. I am pretty sure that because of this we actually got much more quality time with him than did most kids whose fathers worked a regular nine-to-five. Our summers were filled with the beach, wind surfing, swimming, gardening, and lots and lots of laughing!

My dad’s love of the outdoors was contagious, and we would spend hours outside planting and tending to our modest little garden. A good amount of time was also spent figuring out how to win the battle against the gophers, birds, squirrels and other animals that fought for the right to eat the delicious fruits and vegetables.

Both of my parents helped me to continually think outside of the box, to challenge preconceived assumptions, and not rely so much on prescriptive solutions. Today, as an acupuncturist, I recognize that most people are unique and need custom solutions to solve their problems. From my dad, I also learned an even deeper lesson about the value of experimentation. My dad showed me how to learn by doing, a process that – like in gardening – involves understanding dynamic environments. This taught that, in order to discover the best solutions, it is important to be curious and creative in approaching every problem. Ultimately, I learned that health is about achieving a state of balance, and sustaining one’s health requires a continual spirit of navigation.

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